Electronic Appeals Submission (EAS)
Electronic Appeal Submission Instructions

What is an Appeal?
A written request for a hearing at the Office of Appeals or a further review of an Office of Appeals or Appeals Board decision. When the department issues a decision regarding benefits, a document is sent to the parties. The documents listed below have appeal rights and instructions and may be appealed:
  • Determination of Deputy
  • Decision or Disposition from the Office of Appeals
  • Determination of Overpayment
  • Decision from the Appeals Board
If you wish to appeal a different document or have other questions, please contact the Call Center at (602)364-2722 or 1(877)600-2722 for assistance.
PRINT the Confirmation page
After you submit the online appeal, you will receive a confirmation number that the appeal was received. Print that page for proof of submission. An appeal is not considered filed without a confirmation number.

If you have documents you would like considered in the hearing or review, you may send them by fax to (602)257-7056 or by mail to the address listed below. Please write the confirmation number on each page sent.
Phoenix Office of Appeals
1990 W. Camelback Road, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85015

Court of Appeals
If you are appealing an Appeals Board review to the Court of Appeals, you must file in writing (not on the internet). You may fax your appeal to (602)257-7054 or may mail it to the Appeals Board at the address listed below.
Appeals Board
1990 W. Camelback Road, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85015

Tax cases must be filed with the Tax Court.

Interpreter needed
If a hearing is scheduled and you need an interpreter, please request this on the appeal form.

Claimants Only
Only Claimants may file appeals electronically through this web page. Employers: for more information about how to appeal an Unemployment Insurance Benefit Determination to which you are an interested party, click here

Print any errors received while inputting your appeal.

This is for submitting appeals only. Non-appeal related items that are received will be significantly delayed in reaching the program. This may cause loss or delay of your benefits. If you are trying to submit documents to the program, please send to:

Department of Economic Security
Unemployment Insurance Administration
P.O. Box 29225
Phoenix AZ 85038-9225

or fax to:

Phoenix Fax: 602-364-1210, 602-364-1211
Tucson Fax: 520-770-3357, 520-770-3358

Individuals who suspect UI fraud, or believe they are a victim of identity theft that has been used to file a fraudulent claim, should contact law enforcement and submit a fraud report to DES at https://fraudreferralexternal.azdes.gov

If you are NOT appealing an Unemployment Insurance (UI) determination (one that relates to an overpayment or eligibility for benefits)
STOP - Do not continue!

The online UI Benefit Appeal system is not to be used to question what is happening with your claim for UI benefits.